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"We need to acquaint people with the reality of the violence that occurs in war. Instead of being filled with machismo and bravado, people should be asked to look into their hearts."

- Bill McNulty WUSB Radio personality and activist

Click here for Bill McNulty's Bio

- Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001


The Suffolk Progressive Vision website was initiated in July 2004. The Suffolk Progressive Vision website was founded by supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich. Our website is seeking to carry on the goals and ideals of Congressman Kucinich, which include working towards a peaceful foreign policy, withdrawing from unfair trade agreements, and rolling back threats to our civil liberties. The Suffolk Progressive Vision website will emphasize local action, and encouraging our citizenry to organize on behalf of issues which affect their lives. This meeting area for newcomers and veteran political activists working along with other peace and progressive groups will lead us to a community of hope & empowerment, one in which change is possible.

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